Learning How to Hit Back the Right Way!

Remeber God is Everlasting Your Enemy is Temporary

My grandma used to say. “If someone is being awful to you kill them with kindness, because God will take care of it.” I would think to myself that is easy for you to say gram, because you’re a saint and everyone loves you. But, even saints get picked on, even more! Now, I am no saint, but I’ve had my share of bullets coming my way. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a battlefield surrounded by the enemy, and in reality I am, I guess this is why we are told to put on the armor  of God, because the enemy is in your house and mine. I wish I was as patient, kind, loving and forgiving as my grandmother, but I have a tendency to want to strike back to protect and guard what I believe is being attacked. I’m learning that the best way to hit back is to allow God to work in place of you.

Attacks are ugly and often personal and that is why it’s common to want to retaliate. Attacks can be depleting. Have you ever had a nasty argument with someone and afterwards you feel paralyzed from doing anything else?The stink of the attack sticks on you, making you infuriated, sad, and zaps your motivation. It is no surprise that happens, because that is the intention of the attack! Whoever or whatever that enemy is has intentions of pulling your focus away from God and his vision for you. The enemy wants you to expend all your energy on fighting them so that your eyes are taken off of God.

The most productive way to handle attacks is to allow God to handle them. I find this difficult because my flesh side wants to lash out and immediately defend myself. But, I have the best defender in the world… God. See God knows your heart and your motives. As long as you are doing his will the enemy doesn’t stand a chance. Let them be ugly, let the lies flow, you just sit back and allow God to take care of it. Don’t fill your mind space with the world’s clutter! Do some spring cleaning and get rid of the toxicity that tries to ooze in your life. All that is in the dark comes into the light. I am constantly shown that God don’t like ugly and I have to remind myself that he is the judge of everything.

Is someone attacking you?HIT BACK! Not with with words, not with hands, not with anger, but with God. Pray for God to take care of the situation and he will. Do your best to stay in the spirit and do right by the Lord. Don’t allow the enemy to have the upper hand in your life. Instead of allowing his attacks to debilitate you do the opposite, get even more motivated to do the Lord’s will. Smack your enemy with a prayer and watch them eventually go away. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and know that no weapon will prosper against you when God is on your side, and my sisters he is! Walk confident in your faith, claim the Lord’s blessing on your life and when the enemy comes don’t bow to them but get on your knees and pray to God.  Keep your mind guarded from the enemy’s schemes, remember he is clever and cunning but you have the truth on your side and God’s truth sets you free. Friends, if you are being attacked today turn to God, read the scriptures do anything you can to rid yourself of the enemy’s influence in your life. GOD GOT THIS!

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