Charles Stanley-Sermon on Patience

Currently, I’m attending bible study on Wednesday and the topic is on forgiveness. It really is such a timely and relevant message in my life. I know that God always delivers messages to us exactly when we need them. In bible study class, our minister had us read passages that contained the word forgiveness and asked us to replace the word forgiveness with release. Interesting. Isn’t that what forgiveness really is? The ability to release, to let go and move forward. Last night there was a comment made that it is okay to be angry, but then let it go don’t let the sun go down while your angry. When someone wrongs you or someone you love, it is so easy to hold on, to want to retaliate, to get the last word in but it is much harder to just release and forgive. Does it mean we don’t stand up for something we believe in? No, but I think part of forgiving is letting God handle it. I’m learning that it is okay to be angry, but what can holding on to anger or being unforgiving do for me? Nothing, but make me more stressed and more angry.

Learning to wait on the Lord and have patience is part of the forgiveness process. If you can handle a stressful situation with patience you give yourself peace because you strip away all the negative emotions. We all have trigger points and in certain situations people know exactly what buttons to push and we know theirs, but does that mean we have to push them? Even if they push yours, isn’t it better to simply release those feelings and move on to a place of peace?  God sees all and knows all so why do we feel the need to seek revenge, isn’t vengenance his? I was thinking about some of the issues I’m currently facing and realize sometimes the most powerful and healing thing you can do is to simply be silent. Putting down the baggage of unforgiveness can only lighten your life. This sermon from Charles Stanley on patience is a great message that reminds us why patience is a virtue.

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  1. I needed to hear this today. Am feeling like I needed another resource to help me raise my 3 children while walking God’s path! Thanks!

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