Quick Kid Nutrition Tip!

Are you kids ravenous when they get home from school? If your child is like mine they want a snack as soon as they get home or get in the car! Here are a few of my tips on providing a quick healthy snack:

  • Keep granola bars, nuts, crackers and other snacks that don’t need to be kept cold in the car. Keep a few bottles of water in the car also. Designate a small box the snack box and pack it with all kind of nutritional goodies ready for to be eaten after school.
  • Put all the healthier snacks in the front of the refrigerator. If you put fruits, yogurt, and other healthy snacks in the front of the refrigerator it is the the first thing your kids will see and they’ll be more likely to grab them rather than the chips.
  • Pack a little extra in their lunch box. Pack a healthy end of the day snack in their lunchbox. Throw in an extra piece of fruit, some carrots, or another granola bar.

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  1. I try to keep all those types of healthy snacks handy for my kids too. My youngest is always starving at the end of the school day and packing the extra healthy snacks in the lunch sack is extremely helpful.

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