Prayer Request for Joslyn Rankin Thornhill

Hi Friends,
Today, on my Facebook page connected to this blog I read something that broke my heart. Joslyn Rankin Thornhill wrote today that she lost her 15 month old son last year on Christmas Eve, and although she is trying to stay strong for her other two children, she is struggling as you can only imagine. My heart goes out to this mom and her family and I ask you that we lift her up in prayer and ask God to give her and her family the strength to endure this troubling time. Joslyn, has opened my eyes and actually gave me a new perspective on some of the struggles, I just wrote about previously. All that matters is we enjoy every single moment with our children and loved ones. So please pray for Joslyn and her family. I ask that God gives her peace of mind and heart and wraps his arms around her breaking heart. May God bless you Joslyn your sisters are praying for you.

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