A Special Prayer Request- Bob Smith

Hi Friends,
I’m asking you for a special prayer request for a very dear man. Bob Smith is one of the ministers at my mom’s church, the church I grew up in. He was cutting a tree, something he has done many times before. The tree’s branch hit him and he fell 20 feet out of the tree onto the concrete on his back, he literally cracked his head open in the back. He is in very very critical  shape. He has a punctured lung, broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, a broken back, a broken neck  (in several places) and bleeding on the brain.Telling you our hearts are heavy is an understatement, his family and church family is devastated and praying for his recovery. I ask you to please keep him in prayer. I know God can heal regardless of how broken we can be. Thank you for your prayers for brother Bob, his wife Eddy (sounds like edee), and Timmy and Tanya his children. 

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