An Ordinary Man Does An Extraordinary Deed During The Attacks In Oslo

Source CNN

The recent attacks in Oslo have left 92 people dead. I’m sadden by the callous murder of all these innocent people. Events like this remind us all that evil is alive and kicking. Out of this terror a country will pull together and rebuild, although the lives loved one’s of those lost will never be the same along with those who survived the attacks. When something horrific like this occurs I’m always in awe of those courageous people who decide to intervene regardless of the personal risk to themselves. Yesterday, Kasper llaug watching television in his summer home in Storoya Island became aware of a mad man shooting people on Utoya Island. He ran to his 18 foot fishing boat and headed to Utoya Island. He then preceded to make three trips to the island rescuing youngsters at the youth camp under siege. Mr. llaug is a hero and although he said he doesn’t think he did anything special he certainly did. He unselfishly saved lives and was a beacon of hope to all those terrified children hiding behind the rocks staring death in the face.. Mr. llaug an ordinary man did an extraordinary act and is a true example of what it means to love your neighbor. God bless you Mr. llaug. See the interview on CNN here

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