Listen to My Blog Radio Segment on 10 Easy Ways to Incorporate God Into Your Family’s Life


I entered 2011 with a promise to myself that I would try new things, explore different opportunities, and move forward in life with enthusiasm. So, I’m trying my hand at Blog Radio. Now this is a completely different venue for me, but an exciting one! I love to talk, if you knew me personally you’d know that, just ask any of my friends! I can talk for hours so blog radio seems like a perfect fit. I’m trying to discover different ways to reach out to single moms and this seems like a new fun way to do just that. So my first segment will be on Sunday, May 22nd from 4:00-4:30 pm ET. The topic is 10 Easy Way to Incorporate God Into Your Family’s life.

If you aren’t busy I invite you to tune in. You can even dial in and speak to me personally, I’d love that! So tune in at and let me know what you’re thinking. I’m jumping in and testing the waters I hope you come along for the swim!


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    This is so neat, Chere! I would love to hear your session via radio and chat with you, however I will not be awake at that time (working graveyard shift, gotta love it). Is there a way you could post a recap of the radio session on blogger? I would like to hear your thoughts on incorporating the Lord into our lives.

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