My Grateful List

#1 and #2 on my grateful list

Well, it is time for a grateful check. I love writing my list because it reminds me to look at the cup as half full instead of half empty! Matter of fact I think I’ll write one every week, want to join me? 🙂

1. Anya being healthy and safe (always #1)
2. Better weather
3. Church
4. Anya praying without me even reminding her
5. Good friends to have dinner with
6. Being in touch with old friends
7. God’s ability to heal us
8. Acknowledging and letting go of what no longer needs to be in my life
9. God’s discipline sometimes difficult but so necessary
10. A hunger to read the bible
11. My mom
12. Anya remembering my grandma
13. The ability to find joy
14. My blog readers!!!! So happy you guys come around!
15. Water! Yes cool water to drink so refreshing!! Lots of people don’t have access to clean fresh water
16. Sleeping soundly next to my daughter
17. God willing celebrating my birthday next week with my family
18. Being content in my circumstances even when they aren’t ideal
19. Hope
20. An author I greatly admire and am inspired by Karol Ladd has a new book out!
20. Ice cream with hershey syrup! LOOOOVE IT!
21. Taking time to sit by the water under the cherry blossoms
22. Nature
23. Being able to eat dinner outside and read a book

Hope you all find a blessing in every day!!

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