Hena Akhter 14 Year Old Girl Put to Death for Adultery in Bangladesh

For the life of me I can’t understand how this type of atrocity still takes place anywhere in our world. Hena Akhter a 14 year old girl was charged of adultery. I call it rape! Hena was raped by her cousin a well known rapist and other adults were aware of the situation. She was convicted of adultery and was to be given 101 lashes she dropped after 70 and died at the hospital 11 days later. The doctors who performed the autopsy said there were no signs of injury! They deemed it a suicide which just infuriates me! This poor girl  was raped, then wrongly beaten and killed and they had the audacity to cover it  up as suicide.

This was considered a punishment in the name of fatwa which was outlawed last July. Now the police are treating the case as murder because of the outrage among the public. Six people have been arrested including the cousin who was sentence to 201 lashes but fled after five, what a man huh? They have caught him and he is being questioned. Mahbub the attacker actually attacked her the night before she was punished! The wife made the actual complaint that the two were having an affair, which sickens me! Justice Chowdhury ordered the religious affairs ministry to end funding for madrasas and mosques that issue fatwas, so that “no fatwa can ever take place in this republic again”, along with fresh demands for the information ministry to circulate guidelines stating that punishments in the name of fatwa are illegal. However, although outlawed last December another women died after being give 40 lashes for having an affair with her stepson. It is unacceptable a 14 year old girl could be charged with adultery, this is rape plain and simple. I pray that the new laws established are enforced and this grave injustice will be a catalyst for Bangladesh to protect the innocent.

As a mother I’m horrified at how our children in all nations are treated. Child abuse is much too prevalant in all countries and we need to take a stand. As adults each of us have a responsiblity to protect children. If you ever witness and suspect child abuse I implore you not to close your eyes, but to step forward and change a child’s life. I pray for the children of our world and for the adults they live in it with. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/30/only-14-bangladeshi-girl-charged-with-adultery-was-lashed-to-death/?iref=obinsite

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