Honoring the Day of Rest

My grandma would work diligently throughout the week. She was always busy cooking and cleaning, but on Sunday she made it a point to rest and spend time with God. I remember her specifically telling me that you weren’t supposed to work on Sunday. I can’t say I’ve followed that practice very well. As a working mom of one there is always something to do. Sometimes the weekend is the only time I have to get caught get up on errands. But, I’ve been thinking about this lately and realize that I need to change my attitude and actions about Sunday.

The bible tells us that even God rested on the 7th day so why do I think I shouldn’t? I had to ask myself if I was really keeping the Sabbath and I realized I’m not. Sunday should be a time for church, reflection on God’s word and personal prayer and meditation time on our relationship with God. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do this the other 6 days, but Sundays are special.

So, I did things differently this weekend. Yesterday, I cleaned my house which has never been the same since the 5 year old teaparty LOL! Instead of leaving it for Sunday. I woke up feeling much more restful and ready to concentrate on God.I made a conscious effort to leave Sunday for honoring God and leave the chores for the other 6 days. I think its also important to instill the concept of honoring Sunday in my daughter’s life.

So here is how I plan on spending Sundays
-Going to Church
-Spending time in prayer and stillness
-Studying Scriptures
-Resting my body
-Eating well
-Having bible study and prayer with Anya
-Writing and journaling on my reflections
-Spending less time on the computer and watching tv

I think the way you decide to spend Sunday is very personal, but I do believe that it is a time for us to reflect on God’s word and love.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Such a good point, sundays are meant for rest. I mean, even God had a day of rest – we should do the same! Very good post, Chere, thank you for sharing with us your new sunday regime. You have inspired me 🙂

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