Daily Devotion Proverbs 19:21 What Plan?

“Many are the plans of a man’s heart. but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Did you ever heart that saying, we plan God laughs? Well, I don’t know if he’s laughing, but I do know he’s in control. We have big plans and some have been painstakingly thought out with no detail overlooked. We make preparations and assume our plans will be carried through. All of a sudden a monkey wrench is thrown in our game plan and changes everything. I still plan, but I plan in partnership with God. Before I was on a never ending search of my purpose, I realized it didn’t have to be that hard. My purpose was already predestined all I needed to do was submit and surrender to God’s will. I won’t lie it hasn’t always been easy. I’m stubborn and sometimes I believe my plan is the right one. Guess what? Those plan have never worked out. At the time time I’d be hurt, angry and confused. Why was God allowing this plan that I wanted so badly to work that seemed like the right thing fail? It’s fairly simple the plan wasn’t in my purpose. If I continued to pursue it I’d pay the consequences each time.
There is such serenity when we surrender to God’s plan for our life. Opportunities appear, people will arrive to assist you, and the dormant spiritual gifts you have will awaken. It is when we fight our purpose that we spend years frustrated and searching aimlessly. If you have a plan that isn’t working instead of forcing it spend some time with God praying for guidance and revelation. If God reveals your plan is in accordance to his will for you then you need to have faith and perseverance. If it isn’t in his purpose let it go and move on to God’s plan that always succeeds.

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