A Family in Need- Cara Hobbs Young Mother and Wife Passes Away

Cara Hobbs

Hi Everyone,
One of the bloggers I follow Cooking Up Faith has asked us out there in cyber world to support a very special family in need. Cara Hobbs a young mother and wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor  and unfortunately the tumor spread. She passed away yesterday morning on March 15th. Her husband is now a single dad and Cooking Up Faith has asked for people to reach out him by sending a gift card of any amount to a restaurant or a Visa/Amex to help him out. Check out the whole story at the link below.

Here is more about this courageous mom http://boernestar.com/obituaries/article_3735aa50-4e86-11e0-b9c4-001cc4c03286.html
His address is:
Justin Hobbs

29314 Sumpter Drive
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas 78015

Every day I’m reminded more and more to hug your loved one a little tighter, give them a few more kisses, and always say I love you. May we lift the Hobbs family up in prayer. I think even card with encouraging words would be a great gesture.


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