Tips on Clearing Out the Clutter

Clutter seems to just sneak up on you. I for one function better when I clear out the clutter. There is something serene about living in a simplifed space clear from all the junk that tends to pile up. Here are some tips on quickly clearing out the clutter.

1.Get a box and go from room to room and pick up the visible clutter. Set a time limit and quickly walk through to do a surface decluttering.

2. Do you have a fondness for magazines like I do? Magazines pile up quick and can take up a lot of room. Take an afternoon to look through all your magazines and tear out articles you want to keep. Put the articles in a fold or binder. If you just can’t get rid of the magazine purchase some magazine holders and put them on a shelf.

3. Junk drawer too junky? Buy a drawer divider to keep things neat.

4. Mail all over the place? Get an inexpensive accordion file folder and organize your bills. If they are more than a year old pitch them. Better yet, sign on for online statements so you can keep them in a file on your computer.

5. Each season examine your closets, if you have clothes that no longer fit get rid of them! Put them in a bag and drop them off at a shelter or planet aid. Or if you want to make a few extra buck try to sell them on Ebay or Craigslist. You may want to have a yard sale once the weather gets better.

6.Go through your medicine cabinet every couple months. If there are expired medicines or old makeup pitch them.

7. Linen closets are great for storage if you utilize them well. Roll your towels spa style and save tons of room. Look at your washcloths and towels if they have seen better days take them out of the linen closet and use them for cleaning and store them in your cleaning supply area.

8. Containers, containers, containers! Get as many as you need for storage of toys, holiday decorations, etc. Label your container s and arrange them in a way that makes sense for you.

9. Clean under the bed. I’m always amazed at the stuff found under beds. Clear out anything under your bed and find a home for it. If you have to use the space under your bed for storage try to find flat storage boxes to fit snugly underneath.

10. Under the sink is always neglected. Remove any almost empty cleaning supplies or dish detergent. Inexpensive bins work great in the bottom of sinks to store brillo pads, sponges, and garbage bags.

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