Daily Devotional: Luke 1:45 Believe in What the Lord Says to You

“Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.”

Yesterday’s devotional focused on Mary and her obedience to the Lord. Today’s verse talks about her belief, her faith in the Lord’s will. Unlike people God always makes good on his word. Never will he forsake you or lie to you. He will always accomplish his will for your life if you believe in him and his promise. Mary walked in faith even though she may have been perplexed at why she was chosen, but she didn’t question him she believed him. How many times do you know that God is telling you to do something and you just aren’t sure if it is such a good idea? You may be asking him, “Are you sure God, this just doesn’t seem right?” How foolish we are! I am guilty of this and when I go against him and conjure up excuses of why I can’t do what he wants, I always find myself in turmoil.

God has great plans for you! He has a predestined purpose for your life just as he had for Mary. But are you going to believe in him and let him accomplish his will? Or are you going to doubt him and try to forge your on path? I suggest taking the route that Mary did, submit in complete belief and he will accomplish his good work in your life.

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