Daily Devotional Luke 1:38- “I am the Lord’s Servant”

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you  have said.” The the angel left her.

When I read the story of Jesus’ birth I am always in awe of Mary’s complete obedience and faith in God. When the angel came to her, Mary didn’t fight her purpose. Here she was a young virgin about to get married, she could’ve been thrown into despair because of the disgrace of being pregnant.  Instead Mary accepted her purpose with grace, obedience, and full belief in God’s will for her life. She answered by saying she was the Lord’s servant. Mary knew that as a servant she was to do whatever God asked of her. She wasn’t to grumble, complain, or be in fear she was to do his will and trust and submit to him. “May it be to me as you have said,” she told God that she was his do whatever he wanted to do.

Do we say we’re the Lord’s servant, but yet complain or have doubt when he asks us to do something that may interfere with our life? Do we submit to him fully knowing that he is in control? Do we believe in him? His power is so awesome when we fully submit to his will! This Christmas season as we begin to reflect and meditate on the birth of Jesus and what the significance of his birth is, I ask you to think about Mary. Reflect upon her unwavering submission to God. Ask yourself if you are really serving the Lord and doing whatever he asks of you.

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