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Sermon Inspiration Day 4: Charles Stanley How to Reach Your Goals, 10 Valuable Steps!

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Charles Stanley gives us invaluable insight on reaching our goals in this two part sermon on, “How to Reach Your Goals.”  What a perfect way to kick off the new year with this encouraging and motivating sermon based on David and Goliath and the steps David took to reach his goal. Below is the 10 Step Summary Charles Stanley gives us on reaching our goals. Write them down and commit them to memory because they are that helpful!

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10 Steps to Reaching Goals:

1) Have a Clear Picture– Every goal requires a vision. If you’re vision isn’t clear you can’t accomplish the goal. Take time in prayer and ask God to give you a clear vision of the goal and how it can be accomplished. Keep this vision in front of you, so that it is fresh in your mind and is a reminder of the big picture.

2) A Consuming Desire to Accomplish Your Goal- Do you have a sense of urgency or passion to reach your goal? If there is no passion there is no action. What makes you excited? Do you think about what step you can do each day to meet your goal? Do you have a desire to see your goal through to the end? Passion is a motivator and a necessity!

3) Confidence– You have to have confidence that you can reach the goal you set out to accomplish. This confidence isn’t from our own boasting but, comes from God whom all blessings flow. David’s confidence was rooted in his relationship with God and his past experiences, he had a testimony. Think about the times God has worked in your life and use that testimony to move forward in courage.  If you do not have confidence that you can do it someone else will quickly steal your goal. We are equipped to do everything God calls us to do because it is his plan.

4) Have a Course of Action- We can daydream all day about our goals, but without action it is just that… a dream. Develop clear planned out steps of action to accomplish your goal. If there isn’t a course of action your goals will be put on hold.

5) Develop a Calendar of Events- Set a time limit. ‘One of these days, I’ll get to it,’ usually means you won’t ever get to it. Don’t be afraid to put dates on the calendar, if you miss the date that is okay, but it is a reminder of your goal and the steps you need to take. If you put a date down you are more likely to move. Put a date down by the goal and steps.

6) Cooperation-Most goals require cooperation from others. Reach out to people around you who can help you accomplish your goals. For example, if you want to write, belong to a writer’s group. Not only will you be inspired and encouraged when you are around people have the same goals and motivation, but you will learn valuable lessons from their experience.

7) Consistency– Set your eye on the goal and have a determined fixed purpose, if not you’re likely to drift. If the goal is from God then your eye will be on him in conjunction with accomplishing your goal.

8) Controlling Our Emotions- Don’t let people with their pettiness tear you down. This is a distraction! You have no reason to be intimidated because you are a child of the living God! Stay focused on God and His unlimited power to work in your life. People will steal  and diminish your dreams through their negativity if you allow it to happen.

9) Courage to Act- Fear paralyzes. Courage is the willingness to take a step. The road to accomplishing your goals starts with one small step. Once you get over the initial fear, the other steps become a little easier. Fuel up on courage by diving into the scriptures and turning to God in prayer for guidance. He is your strength when you are weak and afraid.

10) Our Conscious Dependence on God- Stop being self reliant be God reliant! One of the primary reasons we do not accomplish our goals is our independence on self. Too often we turn to ourselves for the answers, instead of looking to God who has the absolute best plan for our life.

This sermon can be found by visiting:
1) http://www.intouch.org/broadcast/today-on-radio
2) Go to search for archives and go to page 13 or go to the month and year
3) Click on How to Reach Your Goals Part 1 October August 31, 2013 and Part 2 September7, 2013

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Avoid Single Mom Burnout!

Avoid Single Mom Burnout Tip #11…Get Into a Knowledgeable Relationship With Your Money!


Money, Money, Money,…Do you hear me singing that line? Remember that song? Or maybe I’m showing my age. In any case… Ah, money it can give us great pain or great gain. One of the biggest stressors I hear from single moms is that they are stressed about either the lack of money, debt, or saving money. I have had and still have my fair share of struggles with the good old American dollar. What I’ve come to realize is that for me not to get so burned out about money, it is important to develop a relationship with money. I know it may sound a little weird, but whether you know it or not, you’ve been in a relationship with money practically your whole life! We all have a belief system surrounding money and it has impacted on how we earn money, save money, invest money, ask for money and enjoy money! If you’re experiencing a difficult time financially, examine what you believe about money. Get knowledgeable about your relationship with money and decide if it needs to evolve.

God knew that money would be tricky and that is why the Bible talks a lot about money and how to be a good steward of money. This is where our relationship has its foundation. First, we need to look at what God says about money, then we need to look at our belief system surrounding money, and then prayerfully make changes to our relationship with money and get brutally honest with ourselves on how we want to earn, save, ask, invest and enjoy money!

In my upcoming e-Book, 15 Tips on Avoiding Single Mom Burnout, I discuss a few tips that can help you avoid burnout when it comes to money! One tip is to create an additional source of income. You may be thinking, sure that would be great except I’m tapped out with one job! Listen, you creative beautiful being you have an unlimited potential to be abundant because you are God’s design. Think outside the box and invest in your passion, tap into your resources! A multiple source of income will give you some cushion and more peace of mind! Other tips I’ll discuss are saving, child support, ways to become knowledgeable about your money and more.

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